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Rhythmic Gymnastics

The most beautiful Olympic Sport!

Introducing...Sokol Fort Worth Junior Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics Team!

Sokol's Rhythmic Team was selected for athletic potential, genetic body type, resilience, personality, musicality, expression, charm, ambition and desire.

Below are inspirational and educational videos featuring Rhythmic Gymnastics in both competitive and entertainment venues. This is presented to show our athletes the potential of Rhythmic Gymnastics in their lives for a variety of personal and professional goals.

Additionally featured, training videos featuring the realities of Olympic level Rhythmic Gymnastics training and what it entails.

Many children see the Olympic and get stars in their eyes. They may not realize that most athletes at this level live away from home at boarding schools in very strict and severe environments where their training is an 8 hour per day job. Out of these thousands of children who train full time - only 6 from each country will compete in the Olympics every 4 years!

Commonwealth and democratic countries (where standard of living is higher and independent of athletic success ) tend to be less demanding. These countries also win less Olympic gold. 

Our coaching philosophy is to always put the physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness of her athletes well ahead of any other goal. In this paradigm, Rhythmic Gymnastics becomes a microcosm of life and is an enriched learning environment from which a young athlete may learn about themselves and life around them in a safe and sane setting.

This approach protects the safety and innocence of childhood while empowering her students to find their own sense of intrinsic motivation for success. In contrast to many coaching philosophies, Rhythmic Gymnastics is a special gift and a tool to enhance our athletes life. It is not the child's entire life nor are the child's life goals or self esteem dependent upon success.

Our approach embraces family and community support and values as being the foundation and pillars of self esteem and emotional grounding and connectedness needed to develop balanced, healthy, happy young ladies.

Here's to an exciting adventure as we learn and grow together as a team!